Change Audit

Process Change Result Audit Service   Establishment of an evaluation plan and scope to assess the results Evaluation and measurement of process outcomes Preparation of the conclusions of the evaluation and discussion with the Client on the results of the … Continued

Process Change Implementation

Process Change Implementation Service   Implementation of the actions in the change plan Assessment of the reopened process, with a corrective action plan if necessary Implementation of corrective actions

Process Development Plan Preparation

Process Audit and Development Plan Preparation Service   Preparation of the audit assessment framework and questionnaire Evaluation of the questionnaire responses received Preparation for site visits and familiarization with the processes Creation of contextual process diagrams that require development Development … Continued

Process Architecture Design and Modelling

Process Architecture and Modelling Service   Compilation of a questionnaire to collect information about the Client’s company and its business processes Evaluation of the collected information, defining business areas and business operation models Preparation for site visits and familiarization with … Continued

Process Training

Process Architecture and Modelling Training Service   3-hour training sessions on process architecture with the 5L approach and BPMN process modeling Training is delivered online or at the Client’s premises The maximum number of participants is 10