The benefits of procedural management

  • Clear staff roles and responsibilities
  • Seamless new employee onboarding
  • Smooth start-up and management of a new unit
  • Smooth handling of product and service quality issues
  • A common understanding of the outcome and the process of achieving it in the organization
  • Identifying, designing and implementing the need for an information system linked to processes and activities

Why Us?

Developing the Organization's Process Architecture

Using the 5L process management model developed by our consultants, we identify the organization's value chains, all the organization's processes, and group them together. We determine the boundaries of individual processes, clarify the outcomes of the processes, and allocate responsibilities for the workflows.

Modeling Processes using BPMN

We identify and standardize the sequence of process steps by graphically representing them in BPMN notation. We find and remove inefficiencies, harmonize IT systems, document forms and other tools.

Continuous Improvement of Business Processes

We identify the processes that need to be improved, set improvement objectives, build an accurate state-of-the-art process model (AS-IS), conduct a survey, identify process gaps and improvement opportunities as well as develop a process model for the desired state.

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