System Implementation Evaluation

Information System Implementation Performance Audit Service   Preparation of the audit assessment framework and questionnaire, considering the information system, its scope and the objectives of the Business Case Preparation for visits, assessment of how the system is used in processes … Continued

Implementation Project Management

Information System Implementation Project Management Service   Preparation of project management procedures and tools Organization of project initiation activities and project kickoff Management of project resources, schedule, communication, tasks, open issues, incidents, risks and changes Organization of project management and … Continued

Implementation Project Supervision

Information System Implementation Supervision Service   Consultations on organizing project management procedures and tools Consultations on project management activities for project managers Participation in PPC meetings, advice provision to the meeting participants Periodic (weekly) evaluation of the Project Manager’s activities … Continued

Contract Negotiation

Contract Matching Service   Providing guidelines for the contract structure, specifying the required contract appendices and their templates Aligning the contract structure with the Client and the supplier Organizing and conducting meetings to develop the project plan Organizing and conducting … Continued

Proposal Evaluation

Proposal Collection and Evaluation Service   Invitation of suppliers to submit proposals based on the RFP Preparation of evaluation criteria for proposal assessment Collection of proposals and assessment of their completeness and suitability Discussion of proposals and compilation of a … Continued

Supplier Selection

Short-listing Service   Preparation of the high-level functional area structure for the solution (EPIC) Preparation and conduct of the Functional Needs Meeting and preparation of the EPIC descriptions Examination of secondary sources and development of a long list of solutions … Continued

Technical Specification Preparation

Preparation of a detailed RFP for the acquisition of information systems   Preparation of the functional area structure and alignment of the project team by functional area Preparation and conduct of functional and non-functional integrations as well as service requirement … Continued

IS Audit

Information Systems Audit and Development Plan Preparation Service   Preparation of a questionnaire to gather information about the Client company, the information systems being used, and the need for change. The received answers are analyzed thoroughly and evaluated Preparation for … Continued